Ishra Places in “Star Bellydancer Canada” Competition!

Congratulations to Ishra who placed 2nd runner-up in the Fusion Solo category in the first ever Star Bellydancer Canada Competition! A tremendously talented group of dancers showcased the wide breadth and depth of Canadian bellydance. We are very proud of Ishra’s accomplishments and know she will always be number one to her students, friends, and family! Check out some photos of Ishra’s performances!

Some words from Ishra from the experience:

Processing the whole Star Bellydancer Canada Competition event, so much to take in, it was all really overwhelming at first!  Now reflecting, I so LOVED watching all of the inspiring dance that evening. So many incredible dancers that I had never seen perform before. Really opened up Canada’s Bellydance community. 

“Teaching my first class after the competition yesterday I realized how much I soaked in by watching and appreciating the earthiness, the artistry and innovation I saw at the show. Congratulations to all the dancers who participated. Whether you won a trophy or not, you have inspired and are keeping our dance intact to its roots and always growing. Much love.”  

~ M.W.

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Photos by Natalia Sokolovska