Spring Fever

If you’ve been following our Blog or our Facebook Page, you’ll know that this spring has been chock full of performances! They all lead up to our highlight of the season – our Belly Blush Student Recital!  Do you have your ticket, yet? You can purchase them in advance from the Blue Ribbon in downtown Guelph or from any one of our lovely Invoketress ladies!

On Friday, June 7th, Natalie, Minerva, Mary and Ishra had the lovely opportunity to provide some entertainment to the Relay for Life, Cambridge walkers. Relays for Life are held all over to raise money for much needed cancer research.

On Saturday, June 8th, the ladies were blessed with a rain-free Guelph Multicultural Festival for the first time in years!  We were also honoured to be the Saturday night show-closers.  What a wonderful, receptive audience we had.  Be sure to catch some video highlights from our performance here.

The lovely ladies at the Guelph Multicultural Festival: Paula, Nicole, Cindy, Mary, Ishra, Minerva, Tova, Natalie.

This Saturday, June 15, catch some of the Invoketress ladies as they participate in a celebration of the Speed and Eramosa Rivers at Guelph’s 2 Rivers Festival celebration! They will be accompanying a drumming procession down the river so you don’t want to miss this! Catch them at The Boathouse, 5pm.

Also, this Friday and Saturday, Mary and Natalie will be attending some workshops from some of Ontario’s finest instructors at Rakfest, hosted by Guelph’s Hiba. They will also be performing at the Saturday night hafla. Check out the amazing offering of workshops! You can still register before noon, Friday, June 14th!

Lots still to come this summer….so stay tuned!

~ M.W.