Styles & Themes


Invoketress offers performances and workshops in many different styles and are well-known for their variety and diversity. Workshops and shows can be personalized to suit your event and can be provided in the following styles:

Regional dances:


Belly dance & Burlesque at The Pirate Festival’s Captain’s Keg.

Our Invoketress dancers love costuming, getting into character, and weaving a dance set around a theme or storyline. Our troupe members have strong backgrounds in a variety of dance styles, music, crafts, makeup, theatre, costuming, and event/party planning. Whether you choose from one of our themes or have one of your own, we will work with you to bring a vision to life! Many of these are popular with summer festivals, theme parties, and conventions, but we are open to bringing these acts to a variety of events.

Some themes we have performed are:

We are always excited to try new characters and themes so do not hesitate to ask us should you have an idea not listed here…we are open to exploration!

Contact Ishra today to discuss your event!

Our Cancan number is perfect for your Moulin Rouge or Burlesque themed event!
Our Tarot piece can be used as part of a divination themed event.
Add a dose of danger or empowerment with one of our weaponry pieces. We’ve danced with daggers, sword, and staff to name a few!
Our “Harry Potter” piece performed at The Femmes Rebelles “Pop” show.
Princess Jasmine Collage
Mary as Princess Jasmine at a birthday party.
We brought Greek gods and fantastical creatures to life through our Dionysus piece.
Ishra and Siyobin at a Hawaiian themed party.
We can have a party with dance and activities for your mini-mermaids/mermen!
Fly in some fairies!
Fly in some Invoketress fairies for a whimsical flair!
A wild and carefree Bohemian bellydance party!
Check out our alter ego troupe The Sweet Struts for entertainment with an edge!

“Princess Jasmine you are the best…thank you so much for making our grandkids party a huge success..your duet with Aladdin was amazing!” – Sherri, party host