Ishra in “The Whole Shebang Guelph”

About The Whole Shebang Guelph

Ishra had the amazing opportunity to be part of this creative and innovative group of artists as part of the River Run Centre‘s first ever artist in residence program. On Saturday, September 26, 2015 over 300 people participated in a multi-media and multi-disciplinary experience to celebrate the completion of River Run’s 3-year artist in residence program. Led by celebrated Toronto-based dance artist Andrea Nann, artistic director of Dreamwalker Dance Company, Guelph artists Ishra Blanco, Jenn E Norton, Megan O-Donnell, Claire Tacon, Amadeo Ventura and Bry Webb worked together over three years to develop a collaborative and multi-disciplinary creation practice. Andrea specializes in facilitating movement-based creative strategies to cultivate a group-based artistic practice. The Guelph Shebang model, developed by Nann, focuses on a collaborative approach to creative practice. Read more about the artists and the program here and well as details of the event listing here.

Ishra Blanco gave a stunning performance, interacting with Bry Webb’s ‘Strung Floor’. Bry had set up a series of feedback loops by placing guitars hooked up to amps in a circular pattern on the side hall’s performance space. The floor became a sensitive instrument, highly responsive to footsteps. Ishra’s practice in Flamenco dance combined with the sensitive electric guitars gave way to a highly electric performance and I was captivated by way she commanded music from guitars with the fabric of her traditional red dress adorned with ruffles.” – Elysha Poirier (read the whole review of the event).

Photo by Jessa Aglio.
Photo by Jessa Aglio.

Enjoy this video which captures the third and final presentation of this 3-year project.

Guelph Shebang by Erin Sproule from Dreamwalker Dance on Vimeo.