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Under the Invoketress umbrella, InvokeTribe is a group of dancers who come together through a shared love of American Tribal Style (ATS)*. This group is led by Invoketress dancer and choreographer Mary Snow Wyga who has had years studying ATS as well as being a member of the ITS/Tribal Fusion troupe Tribe Aurealis. Mary will teach foundational ATS vocabulary and formations and then InvokeTribe will proceed to experiment with new movement dialect. Over time, InvokeTribe dancers will embody a shared vocabulary which will enable them to create spontaneous dance creations – art on the spot.

Mary is taking currently on a hiatus from teaching weekly classes. She is available for private instruction and for workshops. 

Click here for Mary’s full biography. For more information, please contact Mary at:

*What is American Tribal Style (ATS)? Discover here


Check out some videos of Mary, her students, and various Invoketress members dancing in this style below:


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  1. Hi, yes, we do! Regular class schedule starts in September. Check back to our “Classes” section of our website to view the full schedule which should be posted by mid August. Thank you!

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