Classes with Ishra

Breathe. Celebrate. Empower.
Ishra’s classes are positive, supportive and empowering – a place where you can connect joyfully and powerfully with other women and yourself. Enjoy the swirl of women’s faces, the twinkling of hip scarves and laughter, and above all, the exquisite, mesmerizing movement of Middle Eastern Dance. You will learn to be present in your body, to feel its balanced, centered strength, and enhance your natural flow and grace.

With Ishra you will build a strong foundation in classical Egyptian style (Raqs Sharqi) in her intro classes and then will proceed to learn many different folkloric dance forms from the Middle East, as well as using props such as veil, cane, finger cymbals (zills, sagat), sword, and fusion in her intermediate and advanced classes. She enjoys watching her students grow, encouraging self-expression and fusion, as well as preserving traditional Middle Eastern dance and music.

Classes start in September and are divided into fall, winter, and spring sessions. Students will learn moves and combinations that will be incorporated into choreographies that will be presented to family and friends at a beautiful student showcase in June: the Belly Blush Student Showcase. Over the summer, Ishra will offer multilevel mini-sessions or intensive workshops.

Ishra offers six levels of classes in a variety of styles. Find the one that’s right for you! Or enrol in two or more classes to receive special discounts and develop your skills even quicker!

Photo by Trina Koster Photography.

Her true nature comes through in her dance as well as her teaching. Ishra’s sensitivity shows continually as she teaches us (her students) just what is needed in the moment for us to grow as dancers and as women. Ishra loves to dance… she shines when she dances… and she genuinely loves to reach out and share this passion with others.” – Phoenix (Victoria, B.C.)

“For Ishra, the word “can’t” doesn’t exist – she will make you move in a way that you won’t even realize that you are bellydancing and it will come naturally to your dance routine. Since I took my first class, my life changed. I made a forever friend, we support each other, and we are a family. In Ishra’s class, there is no judgement. We dance like nobody is watching and we get a good workout. Thank you, Ishra, for changing my life, for teaching us to love our body and ourselves and for inspiring us every week throughout the year!” – Glennys, bellydance student

So grateful for having Ishra in my life. She is a fabulous teacher, a fabulous dancer, a fearless artist and always pushes me to become a better performer. Also, she pushes me to have soul behind dancing. Love you and I’m so proud of you for pushing yourself all the time!” – Minerva, bellydance student and Invoketress troupe member