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We are now in our summer programming. New belly dance students are welcome to join Ishra’s 4-week Introduction to Belly Dance mini-session.

Keep up your dance practice with Ishra’s 4-week summer intensives! Lots of options to choose from – see descriptions below.

Wednesdays, July 3rd-24th
Flying Dance Community, 16 Wyndham St. N., Guelph


(Intro-Intermediate Level)

This 4 week summer session is an intensive introduction to Belly Dance! Great for the newbie or beginner dancer looking to enrich their knowledge of Arabic music and dance. Ishra will cover 4 iconic rhythms, explain the cultural context, and teach some basic moves for each one.
$80 for all four | $25 drop-in


(Intermediate – Advanced Level)

This 4-week summer session is designed to help you enhance your fluid dance skills! Ishra will cover 4 concepts, all designed to improve your musicality and concepts to help you learn to be in the flow!

July 3 – Continuous Fluid Flow
Learn to get lost in the music and be in a continuous state of flow. Ishra will break down barriers and iron out the glitches. Technical breakdown of the moves are included; however the aim is to learn strategies and techniques to keep your body moving in a state of slinky flow.

July 10 – Ebb and Flow
The second week we build on the flow and learn to capture the momentum of the movement and release it back out. Going deep into the body to find the ooey gooeyness of ebbing and flowing, discovering different pathways for the body to move through.

July 17 – Following a Formula and Increasing Musicality
With Ebb and Flow in our back pockets, we’ll balance out the smooth with some locking drills. As well, we will add to our vocabulary and come up with formulas. Translating the body’s movement into words or sounds and then back into different ways of expressing the formula. We will also cover musical dynamics and apply them to dance.

July 24 – Layering & Partner Concepts
For our last class we will wrap up the summer with layering movements, the amazing belly dance skill of executing moves on top of shapes. We will also build our sensitivity to other dancers through a few partner activities – a skill that is essential for group cohesion.

$130 for all four | $36 drop-in



Dancehall Divas | Kelani Fitness | Swirling Skirts | Retro!

8:30 – 9:30
$12 drop-in

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We are pleased to offer a variety of classes in different levels, ages and styles from a number of our knowledgeable troupe instructors! From classical Egyptian, Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style, Bollywood, Youth classes, and world dance fitness, there is sure to be a class for you! Check out our Calendar for full schedule of classes, rehearsals and events as well. Scroll down for registration and location details. Our instructors are also available for private instruction outside of the regular class schedule – just inquire if interested!
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