Classes with Ishra

Ishra is offering both limited in-person and online classes.  Here are a few guidelines to follow for in-person classes (will be updated according to current COVID guidelines):
1. An online COVID screening questionnaire must be completed every time you attend an in-person class.
2. Do not come to class if you have any signs of sickness, fever, cough or cold.
3. Doors will open 5 minutes prior to class start time. There will be no waiting inside prior to class.  At the end of class, please exit promptly.  The studio will be sanitized in between each class.
4. Remove outdoor shoes at the entranceway. Studio floors are concrete so bring running shoes or rubber-soled shoes to protect your feet.
5. Please come to class already changed in dancewear as there is no change room access (although the washroom will be available). 
6. Wear a mask upon entry. You can take off your mask once you get to your designated area.  If you leave your dance area, you must put your mask back on.
7. Limit personal items to one bag (water bottle, no yoga mat, indoor shoes).
8. Missed classes: You are welcome to make up classes in any of Ishra's other classes within the session paid for. No refunds.
Email for more information and registration.

Ishra’s classes are positive, supportive and empowering – a place where you can connect joyfully and powerfully with others and yourself. Enjoy the swirl of faces, the twinkling of hip scarves and laughter, and above all, the exquisite, mesmerizing movement of Middle Eastern Dance. You will learn to be present in your body, to feel its balanced, centered strength, and enhance your natural flow and grace.

With Ishra you will build a strong foundation in classical Egyptian style (Raqs Sharqi) in her intro classes and then will proceed to learn many different folkloric dance forms from the Middle East, as well as using props such as veil, cane, finger cymbals, sword, and fusion in her intermediate and advanced classes. She enjoys watching her students grow, encouraging self-expression and fusion, as well as preserving traditional Middle Eastern dance and music.

Classes start in September and are divided into fall, winter, and spring sessions. Students will learn moves and combinations that will be incorporated into choreographies that will be presented to family and friends at a beautiful student showcase in June: the Belly Blush Student Showcase. Over the summer, Ishra will offer multilevel mini-sessions or intensive workshops.

Ishra offers numerous levels of classes in a variety of styles. Find the one that’s right for you! Or enroll in two or more classes to receive special discounts and develop your skills even quicker!

Silence Sounds, 46 Essex St, Guelph