Divine Eclipse – Tribal Fusion Troupe

~ Divine Eclipse ~

Tribal Fusion Coven

Divine Eclipse is the newest branch of Invoketress Dance.
The troupe is comprised of Ishra's students and Invoketress Troupe members who joined together to create dance magic.
The dancers utilize their training in Tribal Fusion and Raks Sharki to create enchanting pieces.
Many also have trained in other dance forms including: hip hop, modern, acro yoga, flamenco and more!

Divine Eclipse employs a non-traditional and experimental approach to choreography; there is no troupe leader. They work together and collaborate to create spellbinding pieces which weave tales of magic, mystery and myth.

Their cooperative method relies on the trust, respect, love and compassion of each member.
They strive to create a safe creative space where they can push the boundaries of dance together and deepen their connection with each other and the divine spirit.

Divine Eclipse members have a special bond and a true connection as they also form a coven.
Together they have embarked on a journey of introspection and soul searching that has strengthened them as individuals and as a group.
Their pieces are informed by the magic of the moon and the spirit of sisterhood.