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As the daughter of Ishra, Siyobin Blanco has been dancing since she could walk. Her entire life has centered around dance and the dance community. She did her first performance when she was only three years old, and has been learning from her mother ever since. Bellydance is an age-old dance form that has been used to pass down what it means to be a woman from mother to daughter. Siyobin has truly experienced this, as her childhood was a beautiful blur of veils, coin belts, drums, the magic of dance and the beauty of sisterhood.

As she grew older, she began operating behind the scenes as a lighting and sound guru and also as a Backstage Manager for Invoketress’ professional shows. In recent years, Siyobin has joined the Invoketress Troupe and is now dancing with the wonderful women who made up the dance community that has been apart of her life for many years. Siyobin takes a particular interest in bellydance fusions, and also has a hip hop inspired style of her own.

She has taken many classes and workshops throughout the years including studying Jazz at Holly Hughes Dance Academy in Guelph and Grand River Dance Academy in Fergus. She has dabbled in many dance forms including: hula, jazz, hip hop, African, Kathak as well as having taken workshops in Arabic Drumming.

Siyobin enjoys blending these different art forms with belly dance. She has performed at the finale of the River Run’s artist in-residence- program The Whole Shebang, as a singer and dancer for the Pirate Festival two years in a row, competed in the Star Belly Dancer Canada competition in Toronto and performed dancehall bellydance fusion as an opening act for Jamaican recording artist Sean Paul at the Guelph Concert Theatre. In 2017, she won 3rd place in the Solo Fusion category at the Hamilton International Bellydance Competition and was also part of the 1st place Invoketress ensemble in the troupe category.

She has taught many workshops to people of all ages, including running a regular workshop at Guelph’s Hillside Festival, and enjoys sharing the joy of dance with others. Currently, Siyobin Blanco teaches Creative Movement for Toddlers, and Belly Dance for Children and Pre-Teens. Contact Siyobin:


3rd Place Performance in the Fusion Solo Category at the Hamilton International Bellydance Competition:

Tribaret Solo

Fan Veil

Siyobin’s Kids and Teen Classes