Olive (on sabbatical)


Photo by Loft Photography

Photo by Loft Photography

Olive’s love of music and dance began at a very early age. Her past is filled with countless choreographies for friends and family and even some rather embarrassing ones for class assignments and school productions. Despite her passion for dancing and daily practice for most of her life, Olive never really considered herself a dancer because she had little formal training. Because of this, she shied away from dance styles that required more experience and stuck with more freestyle forms.

It was not until she discovered Bellydance in 2001 that she began to realize it was never too late to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a dancer. While she took the odd class here and there in London, Ontario, it was not until 2009 when she took her first class with Ishra that her passion for belly dance was truly ignited. Through Ishra’s support and nurturance as well as the sisterhood and support of her classmates, Olive gained the confidence to challenge herself and advanced through Ishra’s multiple levels.

Thrilled to be a graduate of the Invoketress apprenticeship program and now a full troupe member, Olive is also a co-founder of Guelph’s very own Burlesque troupe The Femmes Rebelles. Additionally, she helps women unleash their inner goddess through teaching burlesque, belly, and seductive dance in hopes that they too will realize it takes passion, not training, to make you a dancer. Visit her website to learn more about Olive’s workshops, events, and burlesque shows.