Nicole started learning Belly Dance in 2002 in Guelph with Hiba. During her studies under Hiba, she eventually became a member of Hiba’s troupe, Halawa Dance Company. In 2006, Nicole left Guelph and moved to Toronto where she attended classes and workshops at Arabesque Academy where she studied with Yasmina Ramzy and other talented Arabesque teachers. She then attended classes at Habeeba’s Egyptian Bellydance Studio where she studied under Habeeba Hobeika. From there, Nicole went on to study at BellyUp in Oakville under Joharah. In 2011, Nicole moved back to Guelph where she taught belly dance classes at Groove Studios and began studies with Ishra. In 2012, Nicole was an apprentice of the Invoketress Dance troupe and became an official member of the troupe in January 2013. In 2019, Nicole completed the requirements to obtain certification in Deb Rubin’s Dance Therapeutics Level 1. She has since been an active troupe member, not only performing but also choreographing large and small troupe pieces and teaching workshops at events.

In addition to being part of the Invoketress Dance troupe, she also owns her own costuming, alterations, and upcycling business, Guelph Custom Costumes.

Nicole’s love of middle eastern dance comes from the way it awakens the feminine power within and empowers women in their bodies, hearts and minds. She looks forward to many belly dance adventures to come!

Improvised Dance to Live Improvised Music:

Fusion Solo to “Believer”

Live improv to live saxophone:

Dramatic Duet: