Minerva found her passion for belly dance when she took her first class in 2005 and is now a seasoned performer and instructor. However, Minerva’s dance journey began much earlier; she was never a shy child and loved dancing at a young age. She performed at school and took dance lessons multiple times a week in different styles. In addition to her bellydance training she has learned Hawaiian, Flamenco and Traditional Mexican Folklore dancing. She has trained primarily with Ishra, but she seeks out workshops and instructors that align with her dance goals such as internationally renowned Mira Betz, Sadie, Henna, Melissa Gamal, Silvia Salamanca and Valizan. She has also taught Bellydance at Body Innovations and Underdog Dance Corp. Studios. Though she is well versed in a variety of bellydance styles she finds herself mostly drawn to Raqs Sharqi.

For Minerva belly dance is more meaningful than she ever initially imagined. This dance form has allowed her to immerse herself in self-exploration, and she finds solace and healing both in the dance form as well as through the friendships she has forged with her troupe mates and the larger belly dance community.

In recent years Minerva has further reconnected with her Latin heritage by participating and organizing the Flying Dance festival. This has expanded her repertoire to now learning bachata, kizomba, and Argentine tango.

Minerva brings her warm personality to her performances, and audiences often remark on how her joy of dance is palpable when on stage.

She spends her spare time staying active by working out, practicing her handstand, cycling and attending Latin social dances.

Minerva hopes to dance for many years and will continue to challenge and empower herself and others through practice, performance, and shared inspiration.

“Ba’eed Annak”


Minerva performing live to The Light of East Ensemble

“Goddess Minerva”