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Diana’s passion for dance began with improvised living room performances for her family in hand-me-down tutus. She began lessons at age 6 and studied ballet and figure skating throughout her childhood and teenage years. When she arrived at university, she took every opportunity to learn new kinds of dance, including jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, Latin, ballroom, swing, folk, jive, Irish, and African. She took her first Bellydance class on a whim, because the hip-hop class that term was already full – little did she know she was embarking on a love affair! She has been a proud performer and choreographer for Toronto’s Only Human Dance Collective, Guelph’s Halawa Dance Company, and now, Invoketress Dance.

She is a complete convert and loves Bellydance in all its forms, classical and fusion. Diana has also taught workshops in Ballet-Bellydance Fusion.