10399433_741447152564140_2722733326250148633_n B&WWhen Audrea discovered Ishra’s Bellydance class in 2004, she quickly realized that she found something which would be part of her life forever. She studied with Ishra until 2007 when she relocated to Hamilton. There, she continued to take classes at Wild Orchid  Bellydance Studio with Jackie Pullar and at BellyUpwith Joharah. During this time, she also explored Flamenco dance with Lisa LaMantia at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts.

She continued to attend Invoketress shows and kept in touch with the women in that community. One day, she realized that Invoketress was home and she had to return. Audrea has been dedicated to Invoketress since her return as an apprentice in 2013 and after fulfilling the apprenticeship program requirements, was inducted as a full Invoketress troupe member in 2014.

She has also taken workshops various styles with Rachel Brice,Audra Simmons, Faith Saraiva, and Valizan, Dr. George Sawa, Roula Said, Nada El Masriya, Yasmina Ramzy,Badia Star Kristine Adams (FCBD), and is now concurrently studying American Tribal Style (ATS) with Field of Elysium Tribal as she strives to be a competent dancer and continued supporter of the bellydance community.

For Audrea, Bellydance encompasses many things which are important to her such as a celebration of culture, an expression of thought and emotion, a display of accomplished technical ability, a function of art, and the privilege to share in the camaraderie of strong, confident, talented and beautiful women such as Invoketress.