Alaina began her dance training at the age of 4, at the Royal City School of Ballet and Theatre Jazz (RCSB) in Guelph. In her 13 years at RCSB, Alaina learned the value of strength, grace and discipline—skills that have helped influence and inform her current dance practice. Encouraged by her sister, Natalie, Alaina got her first taste of belly dance in 2008 under the instruction of Invoketress alumni Stephanie Gamble. In 2012, Alaina began taking classes under the instruction of Ishra Blanco and eventually joined the Invoketress Dance troupe.

At the 2017 Hamilton International Bellydance Competition, Alaina received multiple awards for original Raqs Sharqi and Bollywood choreographies, including Judge’s Choice, selected by esteemed dancer Anjelica Scannura. Currently, Alaina performs as a lead dancer of Invoketress Dance, Arabesque Dance Company and as a professional soloist for Arabesque Entertainment Agency. She is also an instructor of both Raqs Sharqi and Bollywood dance at Arabesque Academy.

Alaina has shared the stage with Reda Troupe soloist Mohamed Salah and recording artists such as Sean Paul, Akon and Karl Wolf. In 2018, Alaina studied in Egypt for the first time with her instructor and Ya Amar co-founder Melissa Gamal.

Alaina enjoys incorporating belly dance with other art forms as well. She has been able to do this with performances alongside Juno-nominated Eccodek at the 2015 Guelph Jazz Festival, at the finale of the River Run’s artist in-residence- program The Whole Shebang, as a singer and dancer for the Pirate Festival for several years, and within her own visual and performance art practices.

With experience dancing at various events including concerts, weddings, festivals and charity functions, Alaina is delving deeper into her dance career than ever before.

Professional Solo 2nd Place Performance at HIBC:

Bollywood-Bellydance Fusion

Afro-Cuban/Latin Bellydance Fusion

Invoketress Dance troupe member Alaina was featured in this artistic video around the theme of “water.”

Bollywood Bellydance duet with her sister Natalie

“Lady Grinning Soul” duet with her sister Natalie