Belly Blush Student Recital

Photo by Dennis Novosad.
Photo by Dennis Novosad.


June is a very special month for Ishra and her students: it’s when the annual Belly Blush Student Recital occurs! All levels of Ishra’s, Mary’s, and Siyobin’s  students get to showcase what they have learned in their classes for the past year to their friends and families in an intimate hafla setting. For most students, this is the only time they perform for others so it truly is a significant occasion. Not only has work been done for learning and rehearsing their dance choreographies, but also in costuming (many are hand-made) and setting up the venue. It also will often feature special guest performers and live musicians as well as a silent auction (fundraiser for our biennial Mosaic Bellydance Fusion show) and vendors. The Belly Blush has been going strong for over a decade and gets bigger every year!

We are always looking for donations towards our silent auction. Please contact Mary if you would like to contribute. 

Belly Blush 2016 Promo (featuring performances from 2014 and 2015 shows):

Belly Blush 2014 Promo (featuring performances from 2011-2013)

  • 2017 Matinee Show